Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just another day!

At least I have a good excuse for not posting for a couple days! I've been working on that xmas hat for DD's friend! A simple hat ~~you'd think I'd have it finished by now! I couldn't figure out how many stitches to start with~~every pattern I saw said around 60 and I took one look at that and knew that certainly wasn't going to be large enough. Then I kept second guessing myself thinking I made the darn thing to big! Geesh, how hard can this be??? I can do friggin socks for heaven's sake ~~a hat should be a piece of cake!!
As of right now I'm at the start of the decrease rows. I've finally figured out why I'm having trouble with it!! I don't like it! I haven't used a solid color yarn in so long I forgot what it looked like! My DD picked out a light grey for it with the fun fur trim. I like the edge but don't care for the body of the hat--it's so?? Plain! I am not frogging at this point!! I'm hoping that the decrease rows will give it a better look. I'll have to look around for some pattern for the scarf or I'll never get it done!
Worked a bit on my pillow--that's coming out pretty kewl!! I love all the different yarns mixed together. Now that would make a interesting hat!
Worked a little bit on the magic loop sock last night. It's coming along nicely. I'll definitely do another pair using that method. Need to try toe ups tho~~
Went with GD to Walmart for their Halloween contest--of course she was the cutest witch there!! Right now Dad and Grandpa are out making the rounds with her! Glad I didn't go--it's way too cold and damp for my bones!! I'm definitely not up to walking much anymore. Sure hope this doesn't get any worse.
I finally received my birth certificate from Belgium!! Glad that's done--talk about a nuisance! Now I have to find a save place to keep it. Certainly don't want to lose it again!
Off for now--going to finish that hat tonight !!!!

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