Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Too Tired!!

I'm soooo tired ~~I don't understand it?? I'm really,really exhausted~~from doing ???
Maybe it's the cold weather we've been having ~~I'm not ready for it!!
I should be jumping for joy~~DS came over last night and took his last two aquariums!! Oh, happy,happy day!! I was just asking DD to come over and help me move them~~major job. Then I was going to get mine moved or taken down~~I really would have been ticked if I did all that work and then have him come over and get them!!
I decided to make life easier and gave my fish to his friend.
Now we can clean/paint and paper that room!!
I really planned on coming home today and getting that tank out of the kitchen--it's half empty already but no way!!! Not in the mood for that!!
Took a good portion of the hat I was working on off the loom and frogged back. Decided I wanted a wider brim on it. That was a major pain~~the fun fir kept getting tangled up with the yarn. I finally got it untangled and back on the loom ready to knit.
I think I'll curl up in the recliner and work on it for awhile now. I really need to finish those darn socks on the dpn's so I can start the new Six_Sox pattern. I won't start them until these are done. Too many things going make me nervous! I still haven't touched the pair I started on the circulars!! I was going to stop at the lys when I was out today but I was embarrassed to because I knew she'd ask me how they were coming along!!
I have to figure out how to get "things" on here--I've tried a couple times but I didn't do it right. That's for another day~~my mind is wandering somewhere--not sure where but wish it would get back here with some ambition!!
Off to knit~~~

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FaerieLady said...

Hi! Welcome to FiberRAOK... lookin' forward to getting to know you! --Kae