Thursday, October 28, 2004

Long Day!!

I can not believe that it's after 1~~~I should be in bed!! My early night the other night didn't work out. Finally about 1:30 I decided to turn out the light and get some sleep~~tossing and turning for about a half hour and then the phone rings!!
Now any parent of grown kids knows that late night phone calls scare the *hell* outta you!!By the time I could grab the phone my mind was already spinning and my stomach was turning!! It was DS and he needed a dose of "home" so Dh by this time is awake and worried ~~so out we go and pick him up and bring him home.
Stayed up and talked for about an hour and then made him up a bed and everyone crashed.
Dh and I had to get up early~~not good after 41/2 hours sleep! I Had to get Ivy to the vets to get her teeth done and then do some errands. I was finished with my running around about 12 so I called the vet and Ivy was already waking up and I could pick her up. That worked out well --saved me from running back later. She was still very groggy when I got there. I'm really surprised they let her go that early in the day. The poor thing--she was all wobbly walking~~it was interesting getting a 68lb. Greyhound into the back of the van! Got her home and she passed out for quite awhile. They said her teeth weren't too bad ~~had one pulled.
She seems a little bit out of it today still ~~tonight she managed to sneak half a bowl of m&m's while Dh went upstairs!! She has never done anything like that before~~must be payback for taking her to the vet!!
Dh was off today so we went for a ride~~stopped at a really nice yarn shop ~~lot of yarns I haven't seen before. It's to far for me to go to very often~~but it would be nice to plan a trip there and stop for lunch along the way. I really shouldn't go in these shops when I know I can't buy anything but how can you just drive by???
There's something to be said for having a job! Might as well get that right out of my mind~~those days are over.
DD took me to a lecture at the University of Buffalo~~the speaker was very good. She wrote the book Nickel and Dime? ~~geesh, now I can't remember~~they say "the mind is the first thing to go" Course after listening to her I really got depressed about finances!
I'd better do some knitting tomorrow to cheer me up~
Tea time then bed!!nite

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