Thursday, October 14, 2004

Happy Fall!!

The last few days have been really nice! We went to the Letchworth craft show on Saturday and it was perfect weather for the show! Of course finding what I was looking for just added the icing on the cake!!
I picked up the sweatshirt I've tried to get the last two years!! And I was so thrilled to finally find a shelf that I liked well enough to buy for my "studio"!! I went with a dark cranberry color to accent the blue that's in there. Dh already put it up for me so now I feel the need to accessorize it!! It never ends~~
Monday was the holiday so DD was off from work. I went over and we had lunch then did another coat of primer in her "office". It's going to be an awesome red room!!
We had to cruise the neighborhood because one of the cats got out. The Plexiglas sheet over the broken window fell out and we think he scooted out through there. At least the other two stayed in! Hopefully he will find his way home soon.
Yesterday DH and I went out for the day--we went to Alleghany State park ~~the leaves were beautiful!! We stopped at one of the spots and found these tremendous rock formations right in the middle of the woods!! I've never seen anything like that before! I'm hoping Sunday is nice so we can take DD to see it!!
We stopped at the casino in Salamanca for dinner. We went to the buffet--it was wonderful!! I ate so many shrimp~~everything was sooo good!!!And they had my favorite chocolate chip cookies!!
So spent a good part of today getting this house cleaned up~~had to do some rearranging so I could get the plants off the window sill in the living room~~which meant getting the baker's rack out of the 'studio" and putting it back in the kitchen~~which meant totally trashing the "studio"-~~so guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?? It was way too overwhelming a job for this evening!!
I did stop in the lys ~~and picked put some nice Alpaca/wool blend for xmas socks for DH. I couldn't resist getting some funky yarn to do a pillow for the futton.
I cast on 60 stitches but decided that was going to be way too big so frogged that and started over with 50 which I think will be fine.
Finished my loomed hat today too~~turned out cute ~~now we'll just have to wait till the snow flies to see if I ever wear it!!
About the dreaded socks??????????Don't ask~~~~~~

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