Friday, October 08, 2004


I'm tired of trying to think up a new title every time I post! My mind goes blank~~
So I may have a lot of Mz Mar's Page!!
Beautiful weather today~~mid sixties and sunny. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is half as nice. Letchworth craft show weekend!! I'm looking forward to going--the trees should be really in full fall foliage after all the cold nights we've had. Not to mention the craft show!!! Have to remember to wear comfortable shoes and wear layers!! Never know what the weather will be like there.
Maybe this year I'll be able to get that darn shirt I've been trying to get~~going the first day I stand a better chance of them having some smalls left!!
Going to look for some sort of shelf for my "studio" I can't stand that bare wall behind the futon!
Well, I finally did it!! Had a hair appointment today and was going to cancel it but decided "no way" I'm doing it!! Told her "cut it off!!" I just can not hold that hair dryer that long any more. My shoulder can't take it! Hair turned out really cute!! Ears aren't showing but if I want I can tuck it back and that looks cute,too. It's short in back ~~feels weird not to have that mass of hair there. I'll see how much I like it the first time I have to dry it myself! Felt really nice to do something for "moi"
Worked on "the socks" tonight while watching a movie. Have both done to the toes. I'm tired so I'm not going to tackle the toe decreases now. Maybe tomorrow night if I'm not wiped out from all the fresh air I'll get tomorrow.
Gotta go~~have to be at DD's at 9 so I'm giving in early tonight!!

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