Thursday, October 07, 2004

Who needs buttons??

That's it--no more buttons~~~~well, at least for tonight!! I've just spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to get those darn things on here~~who needs them???
Thought I had it figured out but could only get those two to work and now I don't like the one~~well, it's staying now because I'm afraid to try to take it off!!
Just think of all the knitting I could have accomplished!! I picked up the dreaded socks and knitted for about an hour before my thoughts kept wandering to this blogging thing~~that was it. I could not keep track of my heel decreases so I quit!
Tomorrow DH works late and I'm not going anywhere so no matter if nothing else gets done all afternoon I'm working on those socks!!
We have DS's room almost all cleared out. Looks really weird with no bed in there. Walls are really a mess so there will be a lot of washing and spackling going on before painting!
My van got detailed today and what a difference!! It looks sooo good and smells so nice and fresh! Seats still aren't dry but they are predicting tomorrow to be warm so they should be fine. DH put my new greyhound sticker on the side back window. I didn't think it was going to show on the darkened window but it looks great!
Got the deer whistles on too--in the nick of time!! The deer are starting rut and they are all around our development. Coming home the other night around 8 there one was standing right in the middle of the road ~~poor thing couldn't decide which way she should go~~we just stopped until she made up her mind!
It's late so I'm off to read a bit.hmmmm think I'll post a progress photo of dreaded socks!!

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