Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dreaded Socks

I'm still working on the "dreaded socks" don't understand why I can't get them finished!! I actually sat down an hour at a time and worked on them. After about an hour I must get up and walk around and stretch--that Fibro thing.
The good thing about that is I do get some things done around the house~~the bad thing is I keep getting side-tracked!!
I took down my aquarium and got it out in the garage so then I had to clean the corner of the kitchen where it was. Next thing you know I'm wiping down the walls in there~~~
I'm thinking my mood has something to do with the Fibro acting up and I'm actually experiencing "empty nest syndrome" Now everyone who knows me would certainly find that hard to believe!!lol~~
Weird?? The house feels so empty--I don't get it because DS was at work all day and out most night. Drove me crazy!!!
I know this mood will pass but it sure is depressing~~
Maybe I need a new project?? Who knows~~
Knit On!!!


FaerieLady said...

My mom explained it to me as "the difference between knowing that you LIVE here and that you *don't*". She didn't have empty nest syndrome until I moved out, even though I worked evenings until 11pm and went to school all day. *Hugs*! --Kae

Debbie said...

Today is an awful fibro day! Hang in there my dear friend... warm your hands in some dishwater and then try knitting.
(((((Soft Fibro Hugs)))))