Saturday, October 02, 2004

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I really can't believe so much time has passed again since I've been here!!
I haven't been reading my emails either and there's a couple hundred waiting for me to go through!
Since my last entry life has changed! I'm finally mobile again!! Yeah, for wheels!!
Bought a "new" (used) van~~it felt so good going to the gas station and filling up!! Catch me a month from now and see what I have to say about that!!
So of course I spent the day running around~~went to DD's and picked her up and we went to Tim Hortons for soup and bagels--they really do have great broccoli soup!! Then we were off to Target~~had to get some Frebreze to spray the van~~have a thing about smells! Since we were right there we had to stop in A.C.Moore~~I did exchange some yarn and picked up a tart burner and some tarts~~the house smells delicious!! Then we were off to Joann's~~nothing there that we liked--that was a good thing $$ saved!
Last week I picked up a set of Knifty Knitter Looms from A.C.Moore with a 40% coupon. Didn't get a chance to try them for a few days but when I did I couldn't believe how simple these are to use. I got interested in them after reading about knitting boards. Haven't tried those yet.
Wasn't sure how the sizing works with the looms so I tried the large size first and using Wool Ease T&Q I did up a hat in a couple hours!! I never would have gotten that far using needles! The hat fits me but it's a bit snug so I'm going to try the x-large for me. I picked up some mohair look black and I think it would be fun to do the brim with a mix of the mohair and eyelash!! I don't even wear hats but I'm liking the idea of this!!
Today I did a baby hat on the smallest loom~~that's for DD's friend that's due any day now. I think I'll try to do booties too~~
I finally stopped at the lys and asked what happened to the Magic Loop class I signed up for. They said it was on for last Monday but no one contacted me so I called to get the details. She said come in and someone will show you how since you already know how to do socks. It was nice going over for an evening visit for a change. Quite a few women were there hanging out and knitting! I got a lesson in ML and sat and knitted a few rows of ribbing to get the technique down. Haven't touched it once since then!!
Still have the basic sock on the dpn's~~want to get them done because the new sock pattern is out for the Six_Sox_Knitalong and I don't want to fall behind with those!!
Ok--enough for tonight~~DH and I are going out tomorrow for the day--fall is in the air and the trees are starting to turn and it's going to be a nice day! So, I'm off to get some much needed sleep!!
I'll be back!!

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