Saturday, October 23, 2004

More projects??

What the heck is the matter with me??? I know to stay away from the lys but do I listen to myself as I'm driving by???? NOoooo--my van just takes over and pulls right in the parking lot??? What can I do after they see me pull in but go inside~~right????Just to look and say "hello" yah,right!!
Actually I did go to Joann's and A.C.MOORE first to try to find something I like for dear GD's hat and scarf--nothing appealed to me~~course I haven't seen her new coat yet so it was hard to pick something. Do you realize how many pinks are out there???? So I think I'm going to stop in Home Depot and grab a handful of pink paint chips then go over and see her new coat. Hopefully one of the chips will match and I'll take that with me to select the yarn!! Great idea,huh???
Now back to the lys~~~I was browsing and it was getting close to closing (5 on Fridays) and I wanted to get something!! The owner showed me the cutest little baby poncho and hat set she just did--it was adorable!! I thought why not do that for GD?? I think she'd love it--she's a girlie girl and the yarn is kewl!!! Of course it wasn't inexpensive and I needed two skeins of the novelty yarn and one of the regular~~but it's going to be darling!!! I hope~~~ This will be a Christmas gift and I'll still do the hat to match her new coat.
I'll take a yarn shot and post it~~~
I'm thinking if I post my yarn photos that'll keep me on my toes to actually finish these projects!!
My Magic Loop sock is coming along really well!! I'm at the heel decreases already!! I can't believe that I managed to figure this out!! I just started this sock late Thursday night and I'm that far ~~I'm beginning to think there might be something to this method!!
Have to get back to it so that's it for now~~ta ta~~

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Gracie said...

The poncho sounds adorable! Can't wait to see the yarn!