Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Annoying Day~~With a Happy Ending!!

What a nasty day!! Talk about a change in weather~~it's cold,damp,drizzling not exactly the best of weather for us Fibro sufferers!! Could I just stay in today?? NO, of course not~~I spent a good part of the afternoon trying in vain to get an international money order so I can get my birth certificate. Now how ridiculous is it that in this whole town I could not get one?? Finally at one bank they can order them but since it's not my bank they can't sell me one! Since 9/11 they no longer will sell them to non-customers! What a complicated thing this has turned into.So I called DD to the rescue and since she works in securities at a bank she can get it for me. What a nuisance tho~~
I had a brain storm a little while ago~~now that can be dangerous!! lol~~I was thinking about these round looms I have and what to do with them?? I mean really, how many hats can you have??? I don't even like to wear a hat and I've got one!!
Well, back to my idea~~I can make DG a hat and then a matching scarf!! How cute would that be?? She's such a girlie girl I think she'd really like it! I even have some nice yarn to use already! Now that will be a fun project!!
I took a picture of my yarn mix for the pillow. I'll get that on here in a bit. I haven't worked on it since Friday but I have a good excuse! I finished dreaded sock #1 and #2 just has a couple more toe decreases to go!!! Yeah!!
DD came over Sat. and we went to the new coffee shop. Wasn't as impressed with the coffee this time like I was when DH and I went. I need coffee hot--really hot~~and this was not. The place is really nice tho and they were really busy so maybe next time it will be better. I hope so because it would be nice to stop in once in awhile~~it's so close.
DD helped me pick out some yarn for her friends hat and scarf for xmas. So there's another project!! I've got to start my sock for the Six_Sox KAL too. Everyone's saying that it's a nice easy pattern--I hope so!!
Ok, I did say the day had a happy ending,right??? Well, it did--I got my very first RAOK in the mail!!! I was so excited!!! I got mail and it wasn't a bill!! Debbie N sent me a coaster that she made on her embroidery machine! It's a basket of apples!! She included tea for me to try which I'm having right now~~and using my new coaster!
I'm going to keep it right here next to the computer!!
Now to scan it and see if I can get it here!!

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ambriel said...

I don't know where in the world you are, but if you're in the states, I know you can order an international money order at the post office. THey're a little more expensive than the regular money orders, and they only do them in US funds, so you'd have to see if they'd accept that. :) Just for next time this happens. :) take care. manda from ROAK