Monday, October 25, 2004

Quick one!!

Just a short post tonight~~really, really tired and don't feel well. Hope it's something that some sleep will take care of! This weather is getting to me--it's so damp and chilly~~once I get cold I can't seem to warm up until I take a hot bath~~and who the heck wants to do that in the middle of the day??
I did accomplish something today tho~~I finished the first sock on the Magic Loop!! I'm amazed at how fast it went. I've never finished a sock in three evenings and a afternoon!!I should have kept track how long it took just for the heck of it. I realize it's the knitting that's the fun part but it was nice to have one sock done so quickly! I don't even want to know how long my Making Waves took me!!
I'm now trying to find a pattern to start DD's friends hat that I'm giving for a xmas present. I'd like to have a xmas present going along with a sock then I can go back and forth. I don't usually like to have a couple projects going at the same time but holidays call for drastic moves!!
Ivy goes to the vet tomorrow to get her teeth done. I'm a bit nervous about it~~they have to be careful working on greyhounds~~something with the anesthesia. She has to be there at 8--and get picked up about 4. I've washed all the comforters so she'll have a nice clean bed to come home to.Wonder how many teeth they will pull~~yuk!
Ok--I'm off to have a cup of tea and hope it settles my stomach~~then sleep~

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