Sunday, October 03, 2004

Beautiful Day!!

This was the perfect fall day!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky,sun was shining and the trees are starting to turn!! What more could you ask for??
Dh and I got up ~~hmmm~~not so early and went for a ride in the country. We stopped for a nice breakfast and then preceded to get lost on all back roads!!
Some weren't even paved! We did find a nice little country gift shop that I wouldn't mind going back to some time.
Stopped quick at the flea market and talked with a fellow that handles computer "stuff"~~he bought the old monitor,two printers,and keyboard we had. So that was well worth taking the time to do.
After leaving there we happened to go by Antionette's so naturally we just had to stop for sundaes!! I got my usual chocolate with hot fudge and strawberries!! So much for dinner!! Then off to the market to pick up fresh cold-cuts--yum--but way to full to even think about eating any!!
This was a good thing for me to do today because the Fibro has been really bad the last couple days and I wouldn't have gotten anything done around the house.
Don't think I'm up for any knitting tonight either~~hands have been so swollen the entire day. I finally found the plain heavy zippered sweatshirt I've been wanting and almost didn't buy it because I thought the zipper was shot~~zipper was fine it was me~~hands didn't want to work!!
I've been accepted into the webring and the ROAK list~~not actually sure how this works but I'm sure I'll find out. Amazing what I've learned how to do on here myself now that there's no one around to help me!
I'm off to curl up in my chair and see if there's anything on TV worth watching!!
Happy knitting!

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MamaSara said...

Hey - a ROAK friend of mine sent me your way - I have a Babe that I'm willing to part with as I have also just gotten a Louet :) I live near enough to Hemlock to have been to the festival - so we must be neighbors.

Let me know how to get in touch with you - my yahoo email (I don't check it often - I'll give you another email after we touch base there grin) is

My Babe is a double treadle, well cared for and it spins mighty fine wool. I prefer single treadling. I could have purchased a conversion kit from Babe's Fiber Garden, but I lucked into a Louet too.

ciao ! Sara