Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Great Mail Day!!

A day that started out down in the dumps took a turn for the good after the mail came!! KK and I went out grocery shopping and when we came home there was a package on the steps~~it was to me and Sophie!!! I'm thinking "what could this be?"
What a surprise when I opened it~~Dani
Sent us a package!! I couldn't even wait to put the groceries away I had to open it immediately!! There was a Boston Terrier magazine for me and for Sophie a bag of the cutest smallest biscuits I've ever seen!! Taped to the front of the bag were two tiny greenies!! I'm such a sap over this puppy~~when I saw all that I felt big tears in my eyes~~how silly,huh?? I just could not believe that she did this!! This was one of the sweetest RAOK's I've ever received!! A very big "hug" and "Thank you" to Dani!!!!
Now you know that I had to take pictures~~Mz Sophie agreed and posed with the goodies!! Couldn't get her to stay still tho~~she was quite busy trying to figure out how to get to the biscuits!! She has never had one yet and she loved these!! They are the perfect size for her!!
Finished my Knit Picks socks yesterday~~I'll get a photo of them on too. Can't decide what to start next. I'm trying to find a set of 40" circulars but so far no luck locally.
I think my friend and I are going to go to a yarn shop we've never been to tomorrow so maybe I'll find some there. Keep your fingers crossed!!
My ebay yarn came too~~I can't wait to see how it works up! I hope it does some thing different than stripes. In the photo they had it looks like it pools~~I hope so!
Off for tea~~

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Dani said...

I am very happy you and Sophie liked your surprise. Those Greenies and bisuits were the cutest little things - I have an English Mastiff so I am used to LARGE, and then I saw those tiny little versions and thought of you and Sophie IMMEDIATELY. The Greenies are WONDERFUL! Not only does our Vet and Trinity's breeder swear by them for healthy teeth and gums, but Trinity seems to love them as well. And the toothbrush shape makes me laugh *s*

(Dani, using the blogger account, even though my blog isnt on blogger LOL)