Sunday, May 22, 2005

This has been another busy day! Kk and I got up early since it wasn't raining and went to Antique World~~which is really just another way of saying "flea market"! It was sunny but it was really chilly! When the sun hit you it was ok but the clouds were never ending! The breeze was cold! I felt sorry for some of the people that had tables under the trees~~it was darn right cold there! I don't see where it was worth staying for some of them. So much junk!!lol~~
Some times I really get into browsing but not today~~and it was my great idea to go!
Only good thing no $$ was spent! Oh wait, I lied~~I did find a charm for my Italian charm bracelet. I could not pass it up when I saw it had a Boston Terrier on it!! So that was the big buy of the day! We did talk with a couple that had two Bostons with them. One was huge!! It weighed 28 lbs!!! The other was 18~~and her name was Sophie too!! They said they were great dogs and were very happy with them.
When we were on the way home DS called so we picked him up and then picked up DGD. Wound up taking her out for the day. Stopped for lunch/dinner and then drove to the lake. She loved that~~throwing rocks was great fun! Came back here for a while so she could play with Sophie~~she likes her because Sophie is more her size!
I've been working a bit on my orange sleeve. They aren't going to be exactly the same!! I did the increases on the pearl rows on the first sleeve and I'm doing them on the knit this sleeve! Not quite sure how I managed that one! I don't think it will matter in the finished garment?
Kk fell asleep and DS is watching tv~~I hate to take him back to his apartment too early because he doesn't have cable hooked up yet for his tv~~he gets so bored!! Hopefully he'll be able to get it soon. He tried using an antenna but it wouldn't work and I said for $40 take the darn thing back!!
Breaks over~~
Off to knit!!

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