Friday, May 06, 2005

Titles are a Pain!

When there is nothing exciting to write about how can you come up with a catchy title?? ya can't and I'm not going to try anymore!
Nothing much going on today~~the weather was great~~at least compared to what we have had. It was warm and sunny and it's going to stay that way through the weekend. How nice for Mother's Day!!
Sophie had her second vet visit which went well and didn't cost me a fortune! Had her second set of puppy shots which she did not like! She weighed in at 2.4 lbs!! Wow, growing like a weed! Went to Pet Smart and got her a harness~~had to get the smallest one they had and she's got room. She didn't seem to mind having it on which surprised me.
I did start the first pair of Opal socks today.After three false starts I hope I have the right amount of stitches. I've got the ribbing done on both so I really don't want to start again!
I have the yarn for my F&F shawl~~I'll post a photo in a minute~~it's awesome!! Schafer 50% wool ~~50% silk!! I won't let myself start it until this pair of socks is completed because these are for my friend. Mine I can do anytime.
Another great package came from Justine
Can you believe a pink chibi???? You do realize one of these was on ebay and the last I heard the bid was $51!!! Is that absolutely nuts???? I don't even want to open the package--it's in Chinese!! Justine also included a couple stitch markers she made!! Thank you Justine, I love them!!
I have the worst indigestion tonight~~I know it's from that meatloaf I made for dinner. I hate meatloaf!!! I had a brainstorm at the market the other day~~I bought some ground pork to add to the ground beef. It was good actually ~~for meatloaf that is. You'd think after almost 36 years of making KK meatloaf(his favorite) I'd have come up with a good way to disguise it!! yuk~~
Well, I know this was a boring post but hey, it was a boring kinda day!!
Off for some tums!!

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