Monday, May 09, 2005

Quick post!!

Stopping here real quick before bed ~~too tired to post much right now. Worked in the yard a bit and I'm beat!! Talk about out of shape~~
Anyway, did you see my button?? What do ya think?? Shall I keep it or do another?? That of course is Sophie ~~that picture is so cute but not sure if it looks ok for a button? Tell me what you think??
Working on the Opal socks for Heather
They're coming along nicely. To the heel flap on both. I'd like to get to the gusset stitches tomorrow. Have things to do out so not sure how much knitting I'll get in.
Hope all you "mom's" had a great Mother's Day! I had a wonderful one! DD's brunch was so nice!! Other than she cut her finger (on a butter knife) just as we got there everything went well. The weather added the perfect touch!
KK surprised me with the cutest ceramic piece~~I saw it weeks ago at Kirklands and I cracked up! It's three frogs sitting on a log and the words Live Laugh Love are carved in the log. I have that saying hanging in my "studio". He also got me a cd player belt to wear when walking. I've wanted one for the cd player DD gifted me with. Ds is picking up a soft-crate for Sophie so I can take her in the car.
DD did a couple photos of Sophie and framed one for me. I kept saying I wanted a "real" picture of her not just the ones on here.
Enough rambling for tonight I need to get some sleep!!
Off to bed~~~

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J. said...

I've been meaning to tell u forever that she is adorable and she is so cute on your button.