Friday, May 20, 2005

It was a beautiful sunny day today!! It could have been a tad warmer for me but all in all a nice day! Went by so fast~~got up early and had coffee and read a bit then went out and did a couple errands. Got home and took the dogs out in the yard for awhile~~Sophie thinks that Ivy(greyhound) is her special toy!! I'm really surprised that Ivy puts up with her!
Went and picked up DS and when we got back DD was here too! Course when she's here she gets all the animals going! What a pain!! lol~~
KK got home while they were still here and next thing I knew we're having a party here next weekend!! OMG~~do you know how much needs to be done around here???? The back deck needs staining in the worst way and the front porch needs sanding and painting!! Guess who is going to be going nuts this next week?? Wonder how much I'll get done??
Tomorrow is our anniversary! For all those who thought " it'll never last" this is
#36!!!! Can you imagine??? Seems impossible ~~I can't be old enough to be married that long! I was a child bride! I think back to how crazy we were~~we knew each other only three months and here we are 36 years later! We didn't have our daughter for 11 years and we used to joke that we wanted to prove that it wasn't a "have to" thing! Where does the time go???
KK took the day off but as far as I know we don't have anything special planned. I'm sure we'll go somewhere for dinner but don't know what we're doing during the day. Maybe picking out stain?? How exciting!!
Working on the second sleeve of the orange sweater but I broke my needle!! So that is one stop I'll want to make tomorrow~~I need my needles!!
This is a rambling post sort of random thoughts floating around~~my tower is making that weird noise again so I'm getting off for now.
Off to knit~~

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Marina said...

Happy Anniversay!

I want to be like you ... I know I'm supposed to be celebrating my 10th but I'm not sure whether it's today +/- one or two days.