Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I'm jumping on here quick to say that I have a sinking feeling I may be losing my computer!! I haven't posted for awhile because I haven't felt up to par the last week. Now this morning when I came down here I'm hearing this strange sound??? It's the computer tower~all of a sudden it sounds like it's racing then slowing down?? Doesn't sound good whatever it is! At first I thought it was my imagination but no~~
I started my orange sweater~~the first sleeve is almost done~~I'm at the shoulder decreases. There's about 15 more rows then on to the second one.
Weather is nasty again~~cold!! There was a frost last night. Was going to DD's today she's on vacation this week and we were going to start her a garden. Not doing that today!! Poor plants must be shivering in their pots!!
Must get going so if I'm not on for a bit you know what happened!! I'm going to shut this off for the day and I'll try to get on tonight~~wish me luck!!
Sophie is three months today!! Growing like mad all of a sudden!! The photos of her is from yesterday~~leave it to her to find the single dandelion in the back yard!!
Off to visit DD~~~

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