Sunday, May 01, 2005

A link??

I'm giving this one try tonight before I get too tired!!I've been trying to add links and I can not get it! How hard can it be? So read on and you'll hopefully see a working link!!
Now this should be interesting! Since I'm here I might as well write something!
had the b'day dinner last night at the Outback and it was soooo good!! The best steak I've had in quite awhile! After dinner I was so full I couldn't even stand the thought of a couple beers! We promised DD we'd go to this pub she likes~~it has every odd beer you can think of! Cherry wheat, Apricot wheat and so many more I can't remember! I hated them all~~nasty!! I mean if I'm going to drink beer just give me a plain ole draft! I know~~cheap date!! KK didn't like any of them either! They had a jazz band there and the one type of music I really don't like??? Yep, you guessed it, jazz! Well at least DD was happy we finally went.
I had an interesting post from the Boston Terrier list I'm on. Some people litter box train their Bostons. Now I thought that they were too big for that but apparently not. Living in a raised ranch makes housebreaking very difficult. The back door is downstairs and Sophie can't even start to use the stairs so guess who would be trained?? I don't know if I'm up to running up and down the stairs 3/4 times in an hour. With this damp cold weather we're having the Fibro is really acting up and it always targets my legs the worst. The last few days I just want to sit with my feet up! So I'm going to give this some thought.
I did manage to do a inch or so on the sock foot. I'd like to have these done by Wednesday just in case my ebay yarn shows up that day!
I got a nice surprise in yesterday's mail! I got RAOK'ed by
Marina with some wonderful Lavender sachets!! They smell terrific!! Course Lavender is my favorite scent!!
Speaking of it my Lavender is not showing any signs of life yet this year. I'll be really disappointed if it didn't make it through the winter.
Well, I'm done rambling so I'm going to post this and see if my links work!!
Off to post!


the knitrider said...

hmm, for links all ya gotta do is add the Title tag. it looks like you have one up there ok though!

the knitrider said...

whoops, that didnt go thru! heres a link that explains it!