Saturday, May 21, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today was interesting for sure!! You will never guess in a million years what we did this morning!! And don't be thinking that either!! This required a long drive and much courage on KK's part!! lol~~
We have this beautiful state park about an hour and a half from us~~we used to rent cabins there when the kids were young. We always enjoyed staying there even tho camping isn't exactly my thing! Anyway bright and early we headed out and KK wouldn't tell me where the heck we were going! After driving a bit I knew the route and wondered why we were going to the park again after just being there last week on his day off. Well surprise me he did!! I've been wanting to ride through the woods on horseback not that I'm any great rider but I've gone a few times and enjoyed it.
KK doesn't ~~~
We get got to the park and head right over to where the horses are and all the while I'm thinking this is weird! We got there just as they were unloading the horses from the trailer. There were quite a few babies !! The babies were all loose and wandered where ever they wanted! It was awesome!!
You must sign release forms that are pages long!! Made you wonder if you really wanted to do this! As you can see from the following photos we did!!
It was so great riding through the wood's~~four of us went. We are riding along and Misty's baby would come running up next to us and grab my pant leg!! We passed another group and we somehow picked up another colt!! It was so funny watching the two of them running together loose through the woods~~they were just like little puppies playing! We rode into a clearing where there were some deer and they paid us no mind~~just kept munching away!
We made it back safe and sound~~other than my knee didn't want to straighten when it was time to dismount we were fine!
After leaving that end of the park we went to the other end where they were having a Civil War battle. That was fun to watch. It was so interesting to see all the dresses. I loved them!! It was on the cool side today so they were comfortable in their outfits. Tents were set up and folks were cooking on open fires~~smelled sooo good!
We came back home to feed the dogs and now we are going back out for a bit. Going to get something for dinner and maybe do a bit of shopping. I need to return my broken knitting needle!! That's a must!
Off to change~~

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wendy g said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful day you had too.