Friday, May 06, 2005

New Shop

My friend and I went to a new shop this afternoon!! I should say new to us~~it was terrific! By far this was the best shop I've ever been in so far. It's located in Rochester,NY and called Spirit Work
Talk about fiber overload~~you really didn't know what to look at first!
When I get like that I head straight for the sock yarn! They carried Opal so I was thrilled!! They had the Opal solids too which I think next time I go I will pick some up. My friend Heather
chose a skein for socks for her that I'll knit up and she purchased the skein I picked for me as payment for knitting her pair. Worked out well for both of us!
I was happy to find the 40" addi circulars I've been trying to find. I decided two sets was the thing to do. Now I can do both socks at once working back and forth between the two on needles that match in size.
This is definitely a shop that I'll go back to even tho it took us about 1 1/2 hrs. to get there. Better start saving my $$~~
Enough rambling for tonight~~
Off for a hot bath~~

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