Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm way beyond

exhausted!! Every bone and muscle aches~~even my hair hurts!! I stained one gallon's worth of the decks today and I've discovered parts I didn't know I had!! It was so nice out~quiet,sunny,warm and I really enjoyed being out there doing it but now I'm so achy!! Here I am covered in stain even in my hair dirty old mulch up to my elbows my jeans were soaked to the knees and I hear "hello" ~~I'm thinking "OH,NO, not company" ~~a friend stopped to say hello and say they'd be over Sunday. I was so embarrassed!! He was just out taking a cruise on his bike and rode by--I was so glad his wife wasn't with him then I would have had to ask them in for coffee or a drink!
Anyway I'm glad they'll make it to the "party".
Poor Sophie had to stay in most of the day~~there was no way I could watch her and try to paint~~I'd be chasing her all over the back yard! So after I soaked in a hot bath I took her out in the yard for a bit. She was running around like mad!! Sure different from the puppy I had a couple weeks ago!!
Needless to say no knitting got done today. Had the button bag outside drying. I did pick up some material to line it so maybe tomorrow I can work on that.
Going to knit a bit now on the Opal socks.
Off to knit

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