Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sometimes you just need a quick project to give you a boost!! Yesterday I decided it was time to try the button hole bag that I've been thinking about! So last evening out came the Lamb's Pride and I was off!! Had errands to do this morning so I didn't get back to it until about 3 this afternoon and finished it up at 10 tonight. Now how could I possibly leave it until tomorrow to felt?? No way could I wait!! Two cycles through the wash and it was done! House reeks of wet wool but hey, it's done!!
I didn't have anything that would fit to block it so I wound up stuffing it with plastic bags and using bag clips to keep the handles nice.
One thing I figured out for future projects~~not all colors felt at the same rate. The Chianti felted rather quickly but the rose took longer. I had taken the bag out of the washer and brought it up to the sink to rinse real good with cold water through the sprayer when I realized it had to go back in. The handles were a bit loose compared to the body. So the second wash was necessary.
Now that's done I can go back and work on my sweater!!
Weather has been nasty again~~mid 50's was the high today but it rained on and off most of the day. Tomorrow is predicted to be somewhat better. I sure hope so ~~KK's day off.
Off to read emails~~

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